NHS 2nd installment

Yesterday, 4th April, had my pre-op assessment. Never had an operation before so I don’t know whether this is a new procedure or something that has been around for a while.  However, it was all very thorough. I saw five different nurses each of whom did their part. The first nurse monitored my heart – all okay. The second one took my Blood Pressure which was okay, weighed and measured me , 88kilos , 6 feet which according to the nurse meant that I was slightly Obese ? Okay, I could do to lose a couple of kilos but Obese? The third nurse took my bloods – all good so far. Yet another nurse took swabs from various parts of my body, asked me to provide a urine sample which surprisingly, took me longer than I expected it to but I came up trumps in the end. Following this, the fifth and final nurse took me through a set of questions which, I presumed, were to assess my suitability for the pending operation. Unfortunately, the nurse was unable to answer my own questions, the main one being “Will I be awake during my operation as I don’t like the idea of being put to sleep”. The best she could do was to hand me a few leaflets – none of which told me anything that I didn’t already know, before sending me on my way. Oh, she did advise me to come wearing shorts or jogging bottoms when I arrived for my operation next Thursday. I hope this doesn’t mean that I will be expected to take part in some kind of physical activity.


About hovisb

Retired socialworker specialising in substance misuse and mental health (Dual Diagnosis). Previously worked in management. Enjoys culture, especially music, literature and art. Animal lover.
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