Eight days later.

It’s over a week since I had the operation on my knee and I’m still in pain. The long walks (2 – 3 miles) were probably not a good idea so soon after surgery but I’m not one for sitting around with my feet up as nice as it sounds. It would help if there was something worth watching on TV but there isn’t. Fortunately, I’ve got my Kindle and my Brennan which allows me to listen to my music all day long without having to move from wherever I’m laid. Kindle downloads can be expensive so I like to pick up a few paperbacks as well. Stupidly, I picked up the latest Mark Billingham cheap in Tesco only to realise that I’d already downloaded it to my Kindle six months ago however, it’s a cracking read, probably the best in the Tom Thorne series, so I still enjoyed it. I’ve downloaded a few Free books from Amazon over the past year but most of them are rubbish. I’m half way through one at the moment and I should never have got this far but I’m just too nice. I don’t wish to upset the author who has obviously put a lot of effort into this story of a beautiful but psychologically damaged young woman hand-picked by the CIA to help them locate a missing file which has fallen into the hands of the most dangerous criminal war-lord in the world. The same man who had previously ordered the killing of her entire family and had left her for dead. Yes, it’s that kind of book but it was listed under Crime Fiction which I enjoy so, not my fault really. However, I’m not going to blog anymore about it. If you want to know whether the CIA get their file back, you’ll just have to download the book yourself 😉 


About hovisb

Retired socialworker specialising in substance misuse and mental health (Dual Diagnosis). Previously worked in management. Enjoys culture, especially music, literature and art. Animal lover.
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